Christmas fun at The Fort!

Saturday 26 November & 10 December

Come and join us for two Seasonal Saturdays on 26 November and 10 December between 12pm and 4pm.

There was  live Christmas music on both days from the Bluebird Belles, all sorts of fun and sparkling entertainment for shoppers to enjoy.

On 26 November youngsters met Santa for free and a pair of Frozen Princesses. There was dub stepping from the National Elf ServiceSnowbiz from Queen Snowella on her snowman-powered chariot and a giant cheeky Robin. Plus, there the stunning stilt-walking giant Candy Canes in red and white costumes entertained.

On Saturday 10 December shoppers will met Albert the Elephant, ridden by a Christmas ElfScrooge was there on his Christmas Carriage singing Christmas pop hits and wishing everyone a miserable Christmas. There were stilt-walking Christmas Tree Fairies and a pair of playful Christmas Elves.