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Empowering Must-Haves

Empowering Must-Haves

Who run the world? Girls.

International Women’s Day dates back to 1911 when our ancestors were fighting for women’s rights to vote. Today is a day we celebrate women for all our achievements and inspiring future generations because we’re pretty awesome right?

At The Fort, we’re all about empowering women all year round! Here’s a list of items you can purchase to feel empowered all year round:



Little Leaders tells the true stories of 40 revolutionary black women who did extraordinary things. These empowering women took a stand against a world that didn’t accept them. This New York Times bestseller is a must-read for all ages, the beautiful images help tell the stories of timely role models from Abolitionist Sojourner Truth to poet Maya Angelou.

From Frida Kahlo to Beyoncé this beautifully illustrated book, Anthology of Amazing Women shares the stories of 50 inspiring women who have pushed the boundaries and made a difference to society. This book is perfect for bedtime reading for your little ones to introduce them to the great women who dared to be different.


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As women, we’re pretty great, but sometimes we need that extra reminder. Primark have the perfect slogan Tees to help keep us inspired on a daily basis.

This ‘No Stereotypes’ is to remind you that we should always be unique and don’t let other people tell us who we’re supposed to be. We’re born to be different, so let’s embrace it!****

There are some amazing women who have inspired International Women’s Day, but let’s not forget these were everyday women who made a huge difference. Give yourself that extra daily motivation with this ‘Believe in Yourself’ tee from Primark.

New Look:

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We’re on autopilot most morning needing coffee to get through the day. Next time, hand your barista this ‘Honey Bee Yourself’ travel mug from New Look to put a positive spin to your morning and theirs.

It’s easy to compare yourself to people you see on social media but it’s time we start embracing who we are. With the help of New Look’s ‘This Is Me’ tee, let’s empower ourselves by being our true and best self.

We hope these items help you feel as inspired as us on International Women’s Day today!