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Tiffany Hill, Sales Associate at The Perfume Shop

Our very own Miss Fort pageant Queen is a very busy lady studying fashion and working here at The Fort helping people find their perfect perfume. She took time form her day to tell us all about life, fashion loves and obviously why it’s so fab to work here…

Tell us about your background and how you came to do what you do now.

I studied art, media, and science for my first year of college. Then a fashion design foundation course for two years following this. I currently work at The Perfume Shop.

What are you up to now in terms of life and career?

I recently took part in the Miss Birmingham pageant where I won Miss Publicity. I am thinking about going to university to study fashion which would be where I would like my career to focus. Having my own clothing line would be great to aim for in the future.

What are your main hobbies and interests?

I’d say my main hobby is eating! I’m a real foodie and love going out to try new things. Beauty is also an interest of mine, I’m never without my lashes.

What does fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion and style to me, is being able to experiment with your look and try new things, while still expressing yourself and who you are as a person.

Tell us about your personal fashion choices/style and where you get your inspiration from.

I love mixing things up and dressing depending on my mood, whether I’m feeling sporty one day, or girly the next. My inspiration comes from going out shopping and following various fashion bloggers via Instagram.

What is your one ‘must-have’ winter fashion staple?

My must have for the winter is a pair of knee high boots! They go with everything and keep my legs warm too.

What does working at The Fort mean to you?

Speaking to customers on a daily basis is a great part of my day at the Fort; you always have those familiar faces coming in to say hello. The atmosphere at Christmas at the Fort is electric and makes working there fantastic fun.


FYI the dress is from Warehouse we suggest you go get it before every female member of The Fort staff goes and snaps it up… #FortFave


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