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The Fort Theory of Shopping

We love all things shopping here at The Fort and we wanted to know more about the science and motivation that gets our customers going. To better understand how our customers shop and be as helpful to those consumer behaviours we commissioned an extensive piece of research this year to delve into the minds of shoppers.

The results blew us away! From big facts such as we are anti-social shoppers and the dream afternoon of purchasing is to go solo rather than in a group, also that the stereotypes of male to female shoppers are actually kind of right with a whopping 60% of female shoppers stating they shop ‘to treat themselves’ in comparison to males at only 27% claiming this is what gets them in stores! We found out such juicy insights and feel we now know the theory of shopping here at The Fort.

The survey targeting UK adults, who shop at a shopping centre at least once a month, was conducted in order to dig deep into the mind of the consumer. The research shows that how people like to shop, doesn’t always tally up with how people actually do shop.

It was revealed that the most favoured preference from shoppers surveyed, was to go it alone by shopping solo; the second most popular scenario was to shop with their partners.

Another key insight that the research unearthed was – the larger the shopping group, the more money and time they spent. Those who went shopping alone found it more boring but more productive than any other grouping. We think it could be down to shoe envy that we end up spending more with friends – we have all been there and had that friend egg us on to buy those heels we’d never have purchased alone (the shopping devil on your shoulder!).

The exciting thing we now know is what you all like and how you get the most out of your spending and shopping experience! Over the coming months on our social media channels we will be sharing useful tips and insights to help you better plan your upcoming shopping trip and of course as always we will be throwing in some competition treats to give you a helping hand making some of them come true… such as us Midlanders are more likely to stop for a bit to eat whilst shopping compared with people from London! What a great excuse for a cheeky Costa giveaway to claim on your next shopping trip here at The Fort.

So keep your eyes on our page to know all about what the best way to shop is for you… and plus we will be giving you lots of juicy fashion tips to go with!


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