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New Year, New Fitness Wear…

We’re only in the second week of January and we’ve already pushed back our diet and exercise plan. We had so many good intentions but the thought of garlic bread tempted us back over to the dark side…

But we can always rely on one thing that will give us a kick up the backside and force us to follow through with our gym routine… and that’s following Alice Liveingly on Instagram! #GirlCrush
She inspires us on a daily basis with her perfectly filtered shots of all her yummy meals, and seeing how in shape she is herself.

So when we heard that she was releasing her own line of fitness wear with Primark, we were over the moon!
Not only is it stylish and flattering, it’s actually affordable!! If there’s one thing that puts us off buying gym clothes, it’s that they’re always ridiculously over priced. Why would you want to pay £40 for a pair of workout leggings when you could get some lush ones for less than half the price?

Now it’s time to see the collection…

Could it BE anymore perfect!? We think not!
If seeing her collection and profile hasn’t convinced you, then check out her latest interviews with Primark. They were lucky enough to get a peak into her real life and find out all the best tips that she helped her get where she is today.

Click here to read the interview with Alice.
Click here to read her top tips to kick start 2018.

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